About Cert Digital

About Cert Digital

About Cert Digital: is the trademark under which the SC Centrul de Calcul SA – company with over 35 years of experience and practice in the field of IT, providing certification services.

Despre Cert DigitalCert Digital providing professional certification based on:

Next-generation hardware infrastructure – servers and computer equipment in the Cert Digital runs on trusted systems configured and tested using best practices. All operating systems require individual identification and restriction of access control services based on identity authentication. The systems are scanned to detect malicious programs and also protected against spyware or virus.

About Cert Digital: The network is equipped with firewall solution to protect against intrusion attempts from inside or outside and limiting processes in the network, which could cause vulnerabilities in production systems.

The software solutions developed by specialists with over 10 years experience in the field

– Quality, consistency and promptness of technical support services are provided

– Experience and reputation of our partners

About Cert Digital: is the operator of personal data according to Law No 677/2001 with No 19791.


Founded in 1976, Centrul de Calcul has an experience of over 30 years in the design, implementation and operation of more than 1,000 applications, over 150 enterprises, companies and units of government. Any service or product brand Centrul de Calcul is characterized by quality, consistency and timeliness.

The staff consists of people with a very good training in software development, consulting and training, and business development experience, is permanently available to corporate customers, ready to meet all their requirements. Through its quality Centrul de Calcul is committed to:
– Meet customer requirements;
– Continuously optimize the quality of products and services;
– Gain and maintain the trust of customers;
– Develop the sales market occupied;
– Ensure a suitable working environment and performance of our employees.

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