Electronic signature – Cert Digital package

Electronic signature – Cert Digital package

Electronic signature, in the sense of Law 455/2001 represents data in electronic form attached or associated with other data, all in electronic form, and which serve as identification method. Basically, the electronic signature is the perfect solution for conducting business communication exclusively by electronic means. Electronic signature with legal value it offers guarantee the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic messages and documents, making the connection between information unequivocal signed and signer.

The package Electronic Signature offered by the Cert Digital offers all the elements needed to create extended electronic signature with legal value:

semnatura electronica 45 euro (without VAT)

* The validity of qualified digital certificate is 1 year from issuance. To sign electronic documents and the following year, the price charged for renewal is 27 Euro (without VAT).


This package ensure the right to:
– Electronically signed documents
– File tax returns to ANAF
– Participate in electronic auctions by SEAP (Electronic System of Public Procurement)
– Access online services offered by state institutions

The digital certificate is valid for one year. To sign electronic documents and the following year, customers must renew the certificate Cert Digital at least 5 days prior to expiry.

For more information please contact us at e-mail: suport@certdigital.ro or by phone at 0724666643 (Vodafone).

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