Digital certificate for electronic prescription


From 1 January 2013 shall take effect obligation to issue prescriptions electronically using a digital certificate, in accordance with Order no. 674 of 29 June 2012.

What is digital certificate qualified?

Digital certificate – is an ID electronic form used to authenticate a user’s identity and certification for accessing remote resources.

A digital certificate can be used to:
– Creation of electronic signature
– Creation of electronic signature with legal value (extended)
– Encryption of electronic information
– Login to applications or websites reliable
– Identify the certificate holder in the electronic environment

A Digital Cert digital certificate contains the following information:
– Information on the certificate holder
– Public Key Certificate
– Electronic signature of the Certification Authority

What is the electronic prescription?

Electronic prescription is an electronic form used in the health insurance system for prescribing and offers a standardized format for data entry and the possibility of direct transmission of information for settlement.

How does electronic prescription?

The patient go to doctor.

The doctor make electronic prescription and give to patient a printout.

The doctor records the electronic prescription system CNAS-SIUI using to connect a digital certificate qualified and specialized software;
The patient go with the printed recipe and with personal ID to the pharmacy to pick up medication.
Pharmacist scans the 2D code of the recipe received from patient and check the validity of the recipe (connecting them with qualified digital certificate to the electronic system of CNAS) and releases the medication.
How do you get a digital certificate calficat?

Follow the instructions available here

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