Frequent questions

What is the validity of an electronic signature?

The validity of an electronic signature is 1 year, but any digitally signed document confirms that the validity of such a signature can be verified after the expiry of the keys.

What is a digital certificate?

The digital certificate allows the creation of an electronic signature legally binding leads to identify a person, natural or juridical, in the electronic environment.

Why we need a digital certificate?

Currently we have a multitude of electronic services designed to make life easier. But with these services have increased and the risks related to privacy and security regarding the information transmitted electronically. Electronic certificate is designed to prevent any fraud by providing a secure methods of identification of a person online.

How to obtain a digital certificate?

A person wishing to obtain a digital certificate should contact an authorized certificate authority. It requires minimum user information regarding its identity and after checking them, approve or reject the application by that person.

What documents are required to obtain a digital certificate?

1. Copy of payment order that was paid for the invoice value of the products / services to be purchased

2. Declaration completed and signed original

3. The completed and signed contract in duplicate

4. Bulletin / Identity Card in original identification

5. Copy of ID / ID card (if the holder is a natural person) or copy CUI (if the holder is a legal person) marked “According to the original”

What information contains a digital certificate?

– First name (max. 20 characters);

– The name (max. 30 characters);

– E-mail (max. 64 characters);

– The name of the company where they work (max. 64 characters);

– The individual (max. 20 characters);

– User account domain – (max. 130 characters);

– The country (max. 2 characters)

What are the steps to take in order to obtain a digital certificate?

The steps to obtain the electronic certificate are:

– completing the registration form on-line

– payment of the certificate

– the documents requested by the certifying authority

What is stamping?

Through the process of stamping, an electronic document is assigned a packet of information to the effect that existed in some form at some point of time, thus being able to avoid any possible disputes. Stamps are calculated by encrypting data, and users can use this opportunity via a web browser.

Time stamp elements are:

– Mark attached electronic document to be marked;

– Date and time when the related document to be marked, expressed in universal time;

– Information that uniquely identifies the provider stamping;

– Serial number registry service provider stamping.

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